Workwear is a huge deal for TIS. We produce thousands of garments each week, with embroidered company logos, wearer names, positions and most everything you can imagine to properly identify brand and person particulars.

We offer a rapid 3-5 working days turnaround time for agreed logos. Plus we don’t charge the industry norm of £20 for set-up; it’s FREE at TIS! So no matter whether you have a logo set-up elsewhere, no extra cost will be encountered if you choose us for your supply, we provide a fast and collaborative approach to working together and producing the best possible results.

*All logo artwork is sent to you for approval before applying*

Sometimes you may be more suited to vinyl heat-seal logo. Such as on hi vis clothing or wet weather clothing, workwear. No job is too big or small when it comes to customising your safety clothing and corporate uniform clothing with just the right look, and detail.

Want to know more about logo service? Or add to your online order, then follow the links, that easy: ADD A LOGO

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